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Hi, I'm Fran and this is my side blog. Byeee.. //


fuck summer i want it to be dark and misty and frigid and october

name ➔ Fran.
birth place ➔ Italy.
where do i live ➔ In Italy. Sob.
hair color ➔ Black.
eye color ➔ Brown.
birthday ➔ May 22nd.
gender ➔ Female. But it could be a trap.
lefty or righty ➔ Righty.
single or taken? ➔ Single.
happy? ➔ No, I guess.


are you in love ➔ No.
do you believe in love at first sight ➔ No.
who ended your last relationship ➔ Relationship? Ah ah ah.
have you ever broken someone’s heart ➔ Yeah.
are you afraid of commitments ➔ Idk.
have you hugged someone within the last week? ➔ No, I don’t like hugs, ugh.
have you ever had a secret admirer ➔ Who the fuck would admire me, plz.
have you ever broken your own heart? ➔ Yeah, I guess.
do you usually spend valentine’s day alone ➔ Alone or with my friends.

short or long-term relationships? ➔ I wanna go back to sleep.


love or lust ➔ Love (?).
lemonade or iced tea ➔ Lemonade.
cats or dogs ➔ Cats. 
a few best friends or many regular friends ➔ A few best friends.
television or internet ➔ Internet. I usually never watch tv.
pepsi or coke ➔ Coke.
wild night out or romantic night in ➔ Romantic night with my pillow.

day or night ➔Night.

text or call ➔ Text. I don’t like talking.
make-up or au naturel? ➔ I never wear make-up.


been caught sneaking out? ➔ No.
fallen down/up the stairs? ➔ Yeah.
wanted something/someone so badly it hurt? ➔ Yes…  Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.
prank called a store? ➔ No.
skipped school? ➔ Yeah.
wanted to disappear? ➔ All my life.
spent all your money? ➔ No.

met a celebrity? ➔ Lol, no.
been really ill? ➔ Yes.
gotten high? ➔ What? Lol, no.


smile or eyes ➔ Eyes.
light or dark hair ➔ Dark.
shorter or taller ➔ Taller. 
intelligence or attraction ➔ Both.
hook-up or relationship ➔ . 
funny and poor or rich and serious ➔ !?

mac or pc? ➔ Pc. I don’t even have a mac.
chapstick or lipstick? ➔ Chapstick.
city or country? ➔ Idk… depends.
driving or walking? ➔ Both. Depends.


last phone call? ➔ I don’t remember.

 last song you listened to? ➔ Cocteau Twins - Cicely.

last thing you ate? ➔ Chocolate bar.
last thing you drank? ➔ Water.
last place you were? ➔ My room.
last kiss? ➔ Pffffff.
last picture taken? ➔ A picture of my cat bc I wanted to send it to a friend.
last outfit? ➔ Black shorts and black t-shirt. Yeah, I love black.
last purchase? ➔ Cloth for a cosplay.